I Know The Human Aura Exists…Because I Work With It!

Every so often, a sceptical journalist goes out to debunk the ‘myths’ of energy work and the human aura. I find this frustrating, as the journalist invariably concludes that it can’t be proved to their satisfaction and the reader is left with the suspicion it is all a con. So I thought I’d try to even up the reporting a little.

My starting point is that I work as an energy healer. This is my reality. I know that the body’s energy field / aura exists because I experience and work with it every day.

Am I mad or deranged? Are my clients? I don’t think so, but it is quite hard to prove.

So how can I persuade you, a possibly sceptical reader, to believe in what I experience? How do I persuade you to understand something with your mind that can only be experienced with your body? How do I persuade you that something that science doesn’t yet have answers for, doesn’t even really believe in, can actually exist?

Science & Meditation

Let’s start with science. I’m a big fan of science and the constant enquiry, open mind and testing that it requires. There are almost no sacred cows in science. A long-held theory can be disproved with the result that everything that was previously ‘known’ needs to be re-examined.

For example, everyone ‘knew’ that the earth was flat – until it was proven not to be. People thought that if we travelled faster than a horse our hearts or lungs would burst as a result, until the train was invented and experience showed that this was not true either.

Do we really believe that science today knows everything there is to know about how the body works, how the universe works, what life actually is? Of course not. Amazing discoveries are being made every day by scientists and our knowledge continues to expand.

If something is proved to be true about the human body today, is it likely that it was also true last year, before it had been proven? We can’t be 100% certain, as we can’t go back in time to run the same tests. However it seems reasonable to suggest that what is proven now was probably also true a month, a decade, a century ago. We just didn’t know it at the time, couldn’t prove it, and possibly thought it sounded a little peculiar.

A good example of this is meditation. A hundred years ago the benefits of meditation had not been scientifically tested in any compelling way.

Science can now prove that the brain of a long term meditator is physically different to the brain of someone who does not meditate. Numerous studies have started to identify the health benefits of meditation. There are still issues about methodology, and I fully accept it is not perfectly explained yet, but there is some cautious scientific support for the benefits of meditation.

Does that mean that someone who was meditating 100 years ago, before science made these discoveries, wasn’t actually feeling any benefits? Were they just making it up? Of course not. Scientists just didn’t have the means to prove it scientifically to each other.

So how can we take this thought forward?

The Light Switch Analogy

Think what it would be like trying to explain the concept of electric light to a 19th century man. If you went back in a time machine to the 1800s, how would YOU (without any prior Google research), explain the concept of a light switch to your average rational enlightened person of that time? My explanation would probably go something like this…

“We burn fossil fuels or capture the sun’s rays and somehow harness the energy from them and turn it into electricity, which is invisible. We transport that electricity through cables around the country to people’s houses. We set up an electric circuit around the home, with the result that at night I can flick a small plastic switch and the light comes on.”

To which his rational response is: “The coal from my fire place and some sunbeams magically turn the lights on at night? You’ve got to be kidding me.” And you can see his point.

Here’s my problem. I KNOW that light switches work. I’m not sure of the precise mechanics (as you can probably tell from my explanation above!) but I trust my lifelong experience of them. 19th century man’s scepticism hasn’t changed the truth of my experience.

However…(and this is where I think the analogy gets interesting)….

….what if I can bring 19th century man back with me in my time machine and allow him to experience this electric light for himself? Maybe then he’d say, “you know what, it sounded daft when you explained it, and I still don’t really understand it, but I’m willing to accept that this works. Hopefully someone will be able to explain it scientifically to me in the future, but I have now experienced a light switch and I believe it works”. That would be a good result, right?

But what if, instead of trying the switch for himself, he stands at the entrance to the room, with his hands over his eyes, and says: “Until you can explain to me the precise mechanics of how this actually works, I’m not willing to try this experience for myself. I’m not going to press your little switch until someone that I trust (that I might not even have met) has told me that this light is really going to appear. Even if I do flick the switch and think I see a light, I’m still not going to believe my own experience until someone more credible / intelligent / scientific tells me that it really happened”.

That’s the problem I face with human energy fields. How do I persuade someone to step into that room and turn on the light switch? I don’t have the exact mechanics to explain the process, but I know it will work, because it always has done for me.

My question to you, my patient and sceptical reader is this. What would you do in that man’s situation? Would you step into the room, flick a piece of plastic and see what happened? Or would you say that someone is trying to con you in some way? That science hasn’t yet proven that this works and that it must therefore be rubbish? (The latter does not logically follow the former by the way!)

I believe science will eventually find a way to demonstrate that the human energy fields exist and that a healer can interact with them, because this is what I am already doing. But ultimately people will still have to step forward into the room and flick that switch for themselves to actually experience it… care to come and join me?!

Case Study

My client is a property developer in his late 40s, a smoker, over-weight, with a sedentary life-style and high blood pressure. He was feeling stressed, lethargic and stuck in his personal and professional life when he came to see me. He was a self-confessed sceptic of the benefits of alternative therapies but felt he had nothing left to lose by trying.

I could feel the blockages that were causing his lethargy, and I removed them at a pace that was appropriate for him, giving him time to integrate the results after each session. He underwent five treatments in total – once a week for four weeks with a final session a month later. In the fourth session, he reported that he had not smoked at all that week and that he felt almost ‘fidgety’ with the energy now flowing through him.

By the final treatment, his general appearance had improved significantly and his attitude was very positive. His sense of general well-being was much greater than it had been, he was exercising more and he was feeling comfortably able to cope with what life was throwing at him. His lethargy had disappeared and he was full of plans to move forward in his life. It was a very successful treatment for him and he was very pleased with the outcome.

“I had 5 Bi-Aura healing session lasting approximately 1 hour each as I wanted to improve my general energy levels and stave off lethargy.

Prior to the sessions, I was extremely cynical about this type of treatment however I found the process enjoyable and extremely relaxing.  

I genuinely feel that I have benefited from Rowena’s treatments. She is friendly and highly professional and I would recommend her as an extremely good practitioner”

Further Information

Rowena is a Cambridge-educated energy healer who works with individuals and organisations to improve mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. She uses non-verbal Bi-Aura (R) treatments to release the difficult emotions that cause the build-up of stress, depression, anxiety and loss of mojo. This creates resilience in her clients, allowing them to work at their full potential and cope easily with the strains and stresses of life.

For more information please see www.rowenagrace.co.uk

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