Bringing you back into balance

Life can be hard to get through alone and sometimes we need a little extra help to get back on track. If you are feeling overwhelmed, I can support you to get back on your feet and thrive, by rebalancing you at the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels.

Multi-dimensional Support

We all experience difficult periods in our life, such as when we feel anxious, struggle to sleep, are in pain or grieving. This is normal and often passes in an appropriate amount of time. However sometimes we can become energetically stuck in this situation, unable to move on, and this is where I can help. I support your multi-dimensional wellbeing and bring you back into balance and overall health.


Seven Tailored Services

I use seven different approaches to support you on all levels, including re-energising and rebalancing the chakras, hands-on physical healing and diving into the Akashic Records. Some people know the type of service they are looking for, many others are willing to trust that the right approach will become clear as we talk. Every session is unique – tailored to address where you are now energetically, and what issues you are dealing with.


Rowena Grace Swallow

I am here to support energetic balance and to help people move into a richer, more rewarding life. I love being a catalyst for healing, supporting my clients as they move out of the pain that is holding them back. Whatever the issue that they are struggling with - physical, mental, emotional or spiritual – it’s an honour to be involved as they move towards freedom and open up to their true self.

My personal guarantee

I will not charge you if, at the end of our first session, you have not felt any benefit and you do not wish to progress with any further treatments. Learn more

Upcoming Events

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Movement Meditation - Mondays in Cowes

One-hour movement meditation sessions every Monday to bring your busy mind into calm and relaxation.  We use gentle flowing movements that can be adapted for all requirements and full instructions are given at the start.

Location:  Jolliffes 1st floor, 11 Shooters Hill, Cowes

Time:         6 - 7.15 pm

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