Personal Service Guarantee for Rowena Grace

This is the Personal Service Guarantee for Rowena Grace, accessible from  It consists of:

  1. Maintaining confidentiality
  2. The no-quibble refund

1. What does maintaining confidentiality mean?

I will not disclose your results, what we discuss or what takes place during your treatments with anyone else. All information that you provide to me is kept securely by me and will not be shared with anyone else, unless required by law to be disclosed.

2. What is the no-quibble refund?

I believe that most people will benefit from energy transmissions, connections, clearings & healings.

I, Rowena Grace, will not charge you a fee for services rendered and will refund any payment made, if at the end of our first session together, you have not felt any benefit and you do not wish to progress with any further treatments.

Why do you offer this?

I offer this because I am confident I can help you to feel better and I want you to experience what I have to offer. My hope is that this personal, no-quibble guarantee makes this risk-free decision for you and makes it easier for you to open up to the services on offer.


Latest update: 13 July 2022