Support offered

Sometimes we need a little extra help when times get tough.  These are the issues that many people struggle with and which I can help to relieve.

Support offered

Issues supported by Rowena

• Feeling unbalanced / Stressed
• Struggling to sleep
• Grieving
• Fearful / Anxiety-ridden
• Lethargic / Depressed
• Living with trauma
• Physical pain

Rowena can support your multi-dimensional well-being and bring you back into balance & overall health.

She is available for online sessions or can see you in person on the Isle of Wight - either in your own home or at The Wellbeing Lounge in East Cowes.


Finding balance again

When life gets stressful or overwhelming, your body can start to feel frazzled, disoriented and unbalanced. You may find it difficult to concentrate properly, and your sleep can be disturbed.

I steadily rebalance any part of your energetic system that feels overwhelmed, giving you a sense of space and freedom. You will feel calmer, more peaceful and more able to deal with the ups and downs of life from a position of balance and poise. The relief is tangible after each session.


Experiencing restful sleep

Everything becomes more difficult when you can't sleep.  Your energy levels are low and you feel exhausted, grumpy and irritable.

If you are struggling to get to sleep at night, or wake up after a few hours and cannot get back to sleep easily, then my late-night sessions can help to break the cycle.  Your thoughts become less intense, your body relaxes and you drift off into sleep.

Moving forward with grief

Grief is part of life and is the price we pay for loving someone or something. Profound loss impacts people in different ways and there is no right way to deal with it.

If you have become stuck in your grief, if it is weighing you down and preventing you from moving forward with your life, I can help. By tuning into your energy field, and particularly into your heart space, I can gently release the stagnant energy and maelstrom of emotions that surface following bereavement, so that your loss is easier to deal with. I can't take away your pain, but I can make it less raw and more manageable, allowing you to start moving on with your life.


You don’t have to live with anxiety

Intense fear and anxiety can prevent you from living life to the full. Fear pulls you inwards, retreating into tightness and leaving little space for new experiences.

As I rebalance your whole energy system, your anxiety levels start to drop. You feel more grounded and rooted, less concerned about the future and more present in the current moment. Fear drops away and you have room to breathe. You open up to the possibilities of the future and live a more expanded life again.


Releasing the lethargy

When you feel depressed and lethargic your body feels sluggish and slow. It can seem as if there is a thick blanket surrounding you, muffling your feelings and dulling your connection with the outside world.

As I work with the energies flowing through your body, I pull the stagnant heaviness out of your system, leaving you feeling lighter and freer. You feel more connected to life and other people, and regain the energy and bounce needed to move forward in life with joy.


Letting go of past trauma

The energetic impact of a traumatic event in the past can remain in your body for many years. It often continues to adversely affect your life in the present, with the body permanently attuned to danger or experiencing flashbacks triggered from innocent situations.

By gently and permanently releasing the trauma from the body, at a pace dictated by your subconscious, I can help you move forward in your life and free you from fear, anxiety and flashbacks.


No longer living with pain

Physical pain affects many people's lives, from minor twinges to permanent aching and throbbing. It can be exhausting to live with and reduces our enjoyment of life.

My healing hands tune into the energy fields of your body and follow the guidance I am given by your subconscious mind. I gently unwind the micro-adjustments that your body has made over time in order to work back to the original injury. Often the cause of the pain is in a different place to where the pain is experienced.

If you’re ready to change your life for the better, contact Rowena today.