Seven Services on offer

I offer seven different forms of treatment, which can between them support most people’s healing. Some people are drawn to a specific service, others wait until we have spoken before deciding which is best. In general, people feel relaxed and at peace at the end of a session.


Energetic Services by Rowena

• Bi-Aura ®
• Neural-Muscular Transmission
• ThetaHealing ®

• Akashic Records Reading
• Home Health MOT
• Channelling

• Counselling

Rowena can support your multi-dimensional well-being and bring you back into balance & overall health.

Prices start from £75, with discounts if you book multiple sessions. For Veterans, discounted rates apply.


Bi-Aura ®

Re-balancing and energising your chakras

Bi-Aura ® identifies imbalances in the energy system, assesses whether the energy block has a mental or emotional root and whether it is a past or present issue, then uses a series of hand movements to draw out the blocked energy from the chakras and channel in fresh energy, raising the vibration of the whole body.
This is very good for dealing with issues such as stress, depression, anxiety and grief, and for releasing the effects of past trauma from the body.

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Neural-Muscular Transmission

Hands-on healing in person

In an NMT session, I connect with your energy field and am then directed what to do by your body / sub-conscious in order to release pain. Treatments generally take place with you sitting or lying down, in a position that allows me to access the specific areas we are working on. I work on the body and in the energy fields around the body, gently manipulating the muscles, ligaments and soft tissue and unwinding the micro-adjustments the body has made to get out of kilter.
This is generally used for physical pain relief and needs to be in person.


ThetaHealing ®

Permanently shifting negative beliefs

ThetaHealing ® works with the four levels on which beliefs are stored – the core level of what has been experienced in this life, the genetic level inherited from parents, the history level of the culture and past lives, and the soul level. Different beliefs can be held on each level and can conflict with each other, causing us to get stuck. By shifting limiting beliefs at all levels, through every cell in the body, we can achieve a permanent shift in how we think at a sub-conscious level, which then completely changes how we experience life.
This is often used in conjunction with other treatments to heal the beliefs that hold us back.

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Akashic Records

Understanding your wider situation

The Akashic Records hold a vibrational record about every soul and its journey. The Records exist everywhere and contain everything that every soul has ever thought, said & done, over the course of its existence, as well as all its future possibilities. If you are struggling to heal a current situation, there may be a wider soul purpose that you need to understand or a historic relationship that needs to be resolved first, and the Akashic Records will identify this.
This is useful when it feels as if there are wider implications to a situation which you are not aware of, and you would like to understand and resolve them.


Home Health MOT

Healing sick buildings

Our homes and other buildings absorb energy and over time may start to collect “bad vibes” or unhelpful negativity. You may start to feel sluggish or ill in certain rooms, or feel drained of energy if you are there too long. By tuning into your building I can spring-clean the energy within it, remove any stagnant energy or darker entities that have built up and fill the space with love. The building will feel lighter and more peaceful, disruptive neighbours fall away, and the protection I put around it means it will become a comfortable place for you to spend time in.
This is useful as a one-off session if you are no longer comfortable in your home or something feels “off” in a building you regularly spend time in.


Connecting to your team in Spirit

We all have spirit guides and high vibrational beings that are available to guide and support our soul’s growth. If you are struggling to access your own intuition to resolve a situation, I can open to Source and channel information that will help guide you in the highest and best way.



Listening & talking things through

Sometimes you just need to talk through the jumble of thoughts and emotions you have about a situation with someone who can hold a safe space. I believe that your body provides clear guidance to your ultimate truth and that by exploring what you are experiencing gently and honestly you can access your own innate wisdom and find your best path of action.

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