Energy Healing for Veterans


Many veterans return from active service deeply affected by what they have seen and experienced. This can have a huge negative impact on their life, from terrifying flashbacks at unexpected moments, to ongoing pain in the body, to feeling permanently tense and disconnected from everyday life.

If you or a loved one is living with trauma as a result of active service, I can help. By tuning into your energy body, I can gently pull out the trauma and blockages that I find there, at a pace set by your subconscious.

The treatments are very effective. Most people report feeling lighter, freer and more able to relax, with fewer or no flashbacks and less pain. 

If you are a veteran and are looking for a gentle and holistic approach to healing, please select the Veterans session and your sessions will be deeply discounted in gratitude for your service.

Why do I want to help veterans?

My father joined the Royal Leicestershire Regiment for his national service and remained in the army until he retired. I grew up in army accommodation and have always had huge admiration for people who chose to serve and who go into combat.

I believe the provision for ex-service personnel is nowhere near adequate, particularly for those living with trauma.

I know that I can reach veterans who have suffered as a result of their service and can make a difference to their recovery in ways that conventional support cannot.

The Armed Forces were not my calling, but I want to support those who have served as best I can. This is how I choose to help.


Pay It Forward

If you would like to support veterans as they come to heal the impact of their active service, then please contribute here. I charge veterans £15 per session.  All money raised here will be used to reduce this cost to them still further. I don't want lack of money to stop any veteran receiving the support they need.

Thank you for your support!

What do your sessions involve?

One of the really helpful aspects of the way I work is that I don’t need to know “the story”.  You don’t need to explain what happened, to justify or re-live the experience for me.  All I need to know is how it is affecting you in your current life.  For example, if you are experiencing flashbacks or nightmares I would like to know how your body reacts at the time and afterwards.  If you are unable to relax and unwind, we would discuss which areas of your body are tense, and which areas that you cannot really connect to.

For trauma relief and mental / emotional / spiritual healing, I work away from the body, do not touch the client, and so do not need to be physically present.  I can therefore work very effectively over Zoom (which sounds odd but does work), which means I can see clients wherever they are in the world.

Some physical pain relief (including phantom limb pain) can also be done remotely, however for some forms it is easier if I am physically present to work on and off the body.  In general these sessions take place on the Isle of Wight.

If you are not sure what would work best for you, especially if you don't live on the island, I am happy to arrange a free 15 minute phone call with you to talk through what might work best.

Everything I do complements conventional medicine and more standard talking therapies, and will not interfere with those important aids to recovery.  I can often reach areas that they are not able to, particularly with long term physical pain relief.  I work with various healing modalities, depending on the person I am working with and what their needs are at that time.

The one constant is that my healing always comes with love, light, compassion and non-judgement.

If you’re ready to change your life for the better, book an appointment today.