Bi-Aura ® Therapy

Bi-Aura® Therapy is a system of bio-energy healing, working with the power of chi (also called ‘prana’ or ‘life-force energy’) moving through the chakras. It is completely natural, gentle, and safe for anyone – from the very young to the elderly, and even for animals.

Your physical body is part of a complex, biological electromagnetic field of energy. Bi-Aura® sessions are focused upon balancing the field of energy that makes up and is the human body. This field is also called the bio-field, the ‘energy body,’ and the ‘aura.’

When the body’s bio-field becomes weakened, stressed, or damaged, a reduction of energy flowing into the many complex systems of the body can occur, leading to physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual disturbances and dis-ease.

Bi-Aura® Practitioners are trained to detect imbalances and disturbances in the bio-field and to aid the establishment of balance and well-being through a selection of gracefully executed Bi-Aura® techniques.

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Thousands of people have experienced profound healing effects from Bi-Aura® Therapy. Over the years Bi-Aura ® practitioners have compiled many hundreds of case studies evidencing reductions and improvements of a multitude of conditions and ailments during and after experiencing this gentle and powerful therapy.

I generally use Bi-Aura ® when dealing with issues such as stress, depression, anxiety and grief, and for releasing the effects of past trauma from the body. It can be performed in person or remotely. As the energy field of the body rebalances, you start to feel more relaxed and at peace, and are able to deal with the outside world more easily.

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