Introducing Rowena


Rowena Grace Swallow

I am here to support my clients move into energetic balance. My intention at all times is to be a gateway to freedom, bringing balance and flow to my clients’ entire energy system.

I have trained in a variety of techniques and if I was to sum them up I would say that they all start in the heart and flow from there.  When I am with a client my brain is in theta state - a place of deep relaxation where the brain frequency slows to between 4 and 7 cycles per second.  From there, I can sense what my client needs and witness the changes that occur.

I have experienced many different healing traditions myself over the years, from shamanic healing to gong chanting to chakra clearing, and have learnt a lot about who I am and what brings me joy. I think it is crucial for anyone who wishes to help other people to have first worked on themselves, so that they are approaching their clients with a relatively clear slate.

I meditate every morning, which gives me space to observe my life from a distance and feel gratitude for all that I continue to receive and experience. The benefits of meditation are cumulative, and I love the calmness it brings to the start of my day.

My purpose

I am here to support energetic balance and to help people move into a richer, more rewarding life. I love being a catalyst for healing, supporting my clients as they move out of the pain that is holding them back. Whatever the issue that they are struggling with - physical, mental, emotional or spiritual – it’s an honour to be involved as they move towards freedom and open up to their true self.

I have experienced many different healing traditions over the years and have learnt so much about who I am and what brings me joy. I think it is crucial for anyone who wishes to help other people to have first worked on themselves, and it means that I approach my clients with a relatively clear slate. I use different techniques and approaches with my clients depending on what seems relevant at the time. My intention at all times is to be a gateway to freedom, bringing balance and flow to my clients’ entire energy system.

Service qualifications


Institute for Complimentary Studies

I was trained in Neuro-Muscular Transmission (NMT) in 2008/09 and have used the intervening years to build my experience and refine my style. The process is quite simple: if you will allow me to connect to your energetic field, your body will direct me to where it wants my help. Your body and sub-conscious mind control what you release; I am merely a conduit.


Bi-Aura ®

In 2015, I decided to increase my knowledge of other forms of healing. I looked at many techniques, and eventually decided that Bi-Aura ®, with its focus on unblocking the chakras and energising the body, would be a good complement to my existing knowledge. Bi-Aura ® International is very supportive of the growing community of practitioners and I enjoy being part of that wider group. I qualified in Bi-Aura ® in summer 2016.


ThetaHealing ®

In 2018 I trained in Theta Healing and often use this alongside the other 2 techniques, to address any issues that come up during a treatment. Theta is fantastic for shifting limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving our full potential, and makes permanent changes to the way we think about the world.

Personal Guarantee

I believe that most people will benefit from energy healing, and my no-quibble guarantee is this:

I will not charge you if, at the end of our first session, you have not felt any benefit and you do not wish to progress with any further treatments.

I offer this because I am confident I can help you feel better and I want you to experience what I am offering. My hope is that this guarantee makes this a risk-free decision for you.


Angel & Spirit Guides

During healing sessions I often find myself working alongside various angels and spirit guides, who come in to assist the person I am working with.  Sometimes they have a message for my client, sometimes they bring in a different, very distinct energy or a new way of working.  I put a lot of protection around my clients and myself while we are in a healing space, and only work with beings that are here for my clients’ highest and best good.


The Phoenix Energy

The signature energy of the Phoenix relates to initiation and transformation. The Phoenix shows us how to endure in difficult times, while giving ourselves time to heal. Representing rebirth, renewal and a new spark for life, the Phoenix added its energy to the symbol of my logo to (re-)ignite a fire in our lives and nourish our spirit, helping us all to spread our wings and soar.

Feel extra supported with Balens Insurance

The Industry-leading, Health & Well-being professional insurance has recognised Rowena as a credible service provider and provides her public and professional liability insurance.



Lifting you up with love

I work from a place of light and love, of ease and flow, of joy and balance.  I maintain the highest intention for your healing and am able to hold a safe space for you as you embark on your journey.
The longer I work in this field the more I recognise the importance of living life from the heart, following our intuition and learning to respect our own boundaries.
What I love about my style of healing is that it is very intuitive. No two treatments are the same as no two individuals are the same.  I have always enjoyed helping people and I come with the intention of assisting my clients to resolve whatever is causing them problems in their body or in their emotions. It's an honour to be involved in their process.

If you’re ready to change your life for the better, contact Rowena today.